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When the massage was introduced into our society, only the wealthy had access to this luxurious activity. However, as time passed, medical professionals realized its therapeutic value in the human body and started emphasizing regular massage sessions for specific conditions. (Source)

Massages prove helpful in the human body, from relaxing your muscles to help in relieving tension in your body to increasing blood and air circulation.

Back Massager shoulder massager

There are different types of massage techniques applicable to other parts of the body. Our article focuses on back massages, the methods involved, the correct equipment to use, and what to observe before making your purchase. Thanks to technology, back massage machines are available, and they significantly assist in simplifying the practice, making the process more effective. Read on to learn more about the advantages of frequent back massages and their significance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in modern society.

What to Look for in a Back Massager?

Back massager machines come in two types; electric and non-electric variants. Both variants are effective and serve different purposes, meaning that your choice will significantly depend on your needs and preferences. Here are some aspects you will need to consider to ensure that you make a sensible and informed decision when selecting a back massager.


The shape of your back massager is an integral factor to consider before purchasing, as it significantly affects the overall productivity of the unit. Did you know that different forms treat different body parts, meaning that pairing your health concerns with the correctly shaped tool is necessary?

For example, S-shaped stick back massagers are effective only when they get the ideal contact with your backside. However, its build and shape make it ineffective for solo sessions as it proves impossible for you to reach your midback. A chair pad is a practical alternative as it covers your entire back area, making every session more productive.


The dimensions of your back massager unit also play a significant role in determining the surface area covered by the machine in every session. Will the machine selected provide the ideal coverage you desire to ensure your session takes the shortest time possible and is highly productive? Size also extends its appeal to the device’s portability features. Ensure that your selected prospect is not big enough to save you on resources but limit yourself on its portability.


Weight is another factor to consider when buying a back massager, especially regarding the unit’s functioning style. Back massage equipment comes in different designs specifically tailored for specific applications. We can take gun massager as an example to expand and explain this theory.

The technique involved in gun massagers requires you to hold them in place at the point of treatment to do their magic. It means that heavy units under this classification will prove challenging to include in solo routines as their weight might limit your ability to hold it for a long time.


Nodes are vital components in back massage machines as their role involves applying strategic pressure to the ailing rear parts. You will need to focus on the size and number of the massage nodes available to ensure that you pick an effective option depending on your condition. Considering this aspect will give you an idea of the back cover to expect from the unit and the intensity it provides.

Features Provided

Different back massage machines are explicit to other techniques, meaning that the features available are unique to every device. You will need to investigate and conclude your preferred massage technique before making the final purchase decision.

Some machines guarantee the percussion feature, which most individuals refer to as the back thundering technique. The shiatsu massage technique is another common technique featured in most massaging units, and it provides a feeling comparable to the hands of a professional masseuse.

Acupressure Points

Most of the available back massage machines have acupressure points integrated into their configuration. Recent medical research proves that acupressure plays a significant role in doing away with back pains and other related discomforts. This therapy is effective by stimulating specific nerves within a human body, facilitating the release of endorphins which help in reducing pain.

Intensity Settings

The ideal back massager should provide you with an option to adjust the intensity settings on the unit depending on your current mood. Some days, a rough and intense massage would prove good, while on other days, you only require a light and gentle routine to put your muscles at ease. Ensure that the option you select features a simple adjustment option that will let you twitch the speed settings to your preference without long and complicated procedures.

Battery Life

The life of the battery in back massagers varies from unit to unit. Although most back massagers come featuring a rechargeable battery, the longevity of each device significantly depends on multiple factors, including its brand. There is nothing as irritating as your machine running out of power in the middle of a session, so avoid this scenario by figuring out how long specific devices last on the battery before recharging.

Types of Back Massagers

There exist different types of back massagers, each featuring a unique configuration tailored for specific back problems. Your decision on which unit to purchase will significantly depend on what you require from the unit and its effectiveness in living a healthy lifestyle. Here are the different types of back massagers available and their ideal purpose.

Electric Back Massagers


The massage chair is ideally the most common electric back massager, with numerous customers referring to it as the ultimate care tool for your back. These machines are chairs featuring massage nodes on their frame, which facilitate untangling the knots in your back. The nodes work up and down your back and spinal structure when seated on it, providing you with a relaxed and satisfactory massage sensation.

Chair Pad

A chair pad is the best alternative to a massage chair, and the unit only requires you to attach it to a chair for ideal functioning. The unit features a hook that facilitates holding it in place, and you can place it on your back, underneath the seat, or both, depending on your preference. Regardless of the setup, it guarantees you pain relief and relaxation on your entire back, courtesy of its full coverage.


Handheld electric massagers are other massaging units common among the younger population. The primary reasons for their successful appeal to young people are their size, portability, and ease of use. It features a wand-like design that relieves pain and provides a relaxing feeling by waving it over the source of pain and discomfort on your back.


Another type of practical electric back massager is the belt massager, which wraps it around your shoulders or lower back. The belt applies pressure to specific points on your back to relieve you of the irritating back pain. In case of neck pains, you can wrap the belt massager on your shoulder to apply pressure on both your neck and back muscles, doing away with the pain in a short period.

Percussive Massager

Gun massager is the popular name used to refer to percussive massagers, and its efficiency is equal to other types of back massagers. It is a handheld unit that strategically relieves back pain by delivering rapid bursts of pressure to your muscles. The pounding effect is set at specific intervals, and it proves effective in loosening the tension and knots causing distress in your muscles.

Non-Electric Back Massagers

Cane Massager

The cane massager is our first tool in our list of non-electric back massagers you should consider for your routine. It is a piece of plastic-made equipment that allows the user to apply the necessary pressure on their pain spots to relieve their back muscles from the strain. The good thing about this tool is that you have complete control of the device and apply the pressure.

S-Shaped Massager

The S-shaped massager features a similar design to the cane massager, and the primary difference is the nodes present. These nodes are strategically placed on the unit’s exterior layout, allowing you to maneuver the tool to the pain source on your back.

Handheld Mini Massager

Handheld non-electric mini back massagers also prove effective when it comes to back pain relief. These devices feature three to four prongs that allow you to massage your back, applying the necessary pressure to reduce back pains by untangling knots and tensions.

Wooden Ball Massager

The wooden ball massager is another device that effectively relieves back pains and requires little effort to operate. Its functioning is simple, given that you only need to roll the wooden ball-like structure on your lower back to untangle the knots, causing you back pain and discomfort. The device features a handle for easy manipulation and rigid nodes to help apply the pressure on your back’s surface.

What are the Different Types of Massage Methods?

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage technique is among the gentlest massage techniques that favor massage beginners who are extremely sensitive to touch. Individuals featuring a low tolerance for pain also find the Swedish technique ideal. It is an entire body routine that will require you to undress, so prepare yourself before booking an appointment.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a technique that is preferred by individuals who are not comfortable with other people’s hands over their skin. If your personality falls under this category, you can get a massage, since it uses a hot stone to apply gentle pressure to your body. Before booking an appointment, you should consider a full body massage and that heat tolerance is compulsory since the components used will be pretty hot.

Aromatherapy Massage

While most massage techniques cover physical therapy, specific methods like aromatherapy massage also tackle emotional therapy. This technique proves effective in restoring emotional well-being by including essential oils in the procedure. Different oils are explicit for various applications, and the decision on which to make significantly depends on your needs and preferences. It will help if you select an option with which you have prior experience. (Source)

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage is the most thorough technique that involves applying deep pressure on pain points on your back to relieve excess pain. The fact that this technique involves deep pressure makes it unsuitable for individuals with low pain tolerance.


Do Back Massagers Work?

Back massagers effectively relieve pain in your back and create a relaxation feeling in your stressed muscles. This observation proves that back massagers work, and their impact is significant towards promoting a healthy lifestyle. It takes less than two months to do away with persistent back pains completely.

Do Back Massagers Help with Circulation?

Yes, back massages do help with blood circulation in the human body. The pressure applied on your skin and muscles facilitates moving blood through congested areas, improving blood movement to different parts of your body. Blood also gets to flow in once the same pressure gets released.

Do Air Compression Back Massagers Work?

Air compression back massagers are also effective in relieving back pains and improving blood circulation. These devices use controlled pressure in their therapy techniques to improve blood flow to your heart and other body parts. They also play a significant role in decreasing swelling on specific body parts while supporting your vein’s functioning.

Are Back Massagers Safe?

Using back massagers is safe, provided you use the tools correctly. Note that excessive use of these tools can damage muscle, bruised tissues, and even inflammation in specific individuals. You can seek professional advice from an experienced masseuse about how to use some of the advanced equipment.

How Many Times a Day Should I Use a Back Massager

Three to four times a week is the ideal number of times specialists recommend you use your back massaging machine. This frequency is enough to facilitate the release of toxins from your body while stretching your muscles. Avoid excessive use of this equipment as it may lead to bruised tissues or muscle damage.


Back massagers are a great addition to your daily routine as they hold significant benefits towards living a healthy lifestyle. They help relieve back pain and play an essential role in improving blood circulation in your body.


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