Full body massager

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Long Life Time,High Power Performance,Noise Reduciton

4 level speed,4 standard massage head

Slim Body,Full Metal Body,Anti-slip Design

Material & Finishing:  Aviation Grade Aluminum (Frosted anodizing)

Color:(Obsidian Black),(Classic Red) ,(Camouflage Green) ,(Dreamful Purple)

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Input:  DC 5V 2A

Stoke length:  6.5mm

Moto:  3825(Brushless Motor 3825)

Max Power:  24W ,

Battery Life Time Without Load :   8 Hour

Rated Speed:  1800–3400rpm

Speed Level:   4

Battery Rated Voltage :   11.1V

Interface :   Type-C

Battery Capcity:   2000mAH

Battery Type:   Rechargeble Lithuim battery

Working Noise Level 1 :   46±2dB

Massage Head :   4

full body massage gun - main

full body massage gun - main (2)

full body massage gun - main (2)

full body massage gun - main (4)

full body massage gun - main (5)

full body massage gun - main (6)

full body massage gun - main (7)

full body massage gun - main (8)

full body massager can help you relax when no one else is around to comfort you. The electric ones make it even more possible to reduce muscle soreness and restore your body without requiring extra hand strains. If you have chronic pain, fatigue or other health problems, consult a qualified professional before choosing the right massager.

What do you look for in a full body massager?

The most beneficial ones target a variety of muscle groups. However, they also can pinpoint a single muscle. Major body regions to focus on including the thighs, biceps, triceps, or lower back.

Somebody massagers also have face and scalp settings. Others work on the feet, and some have multiple attachments that serve a variety of purposes.

Other features of the best full-body massagers:

  • Long battery life – This allows you to use your massager anywhere you go. The next room, the next state, or across the seas, the long rechargeable battery will not disappoint.
  • Multiple capabilities – Some massagers offer a variety of pressure strengths. Other devices offer circular or linear stroking motions.
  • Remote control – With this in your hand, you can turn your full body massager up and down from a relaxed position. If you’re in a recliner, you can easily turn off the heat come time to take a nap. When in bed, you can make sure the device is turned off without getting up and disturbing your chance to fall asleep fast.
  • Timers – Maybe it’s important to you that your device has a timer. It’s an ideal safety feature to have when using the vest, recliner or cushion massagers. Timers prevent overheating and overworking of muscles.
  • Different heat levels – Everyone has a different heat comfort level. Having the freedom to reduce or turn off the heat provides you safe relief during your self-massage session.
  • Flexibility – For cushion massagers, you might want one that bends upright or lies flat. Some types also recline in different positions to provide comfort at different angles. This maximizes your usage, whereas you can lie on your bed or couch or sit up in a chair.

Type of Full-body Massagers

Some massaging devices meant just for one bodily region sometimes work as a full body massager. Others focus on a single muscle region, but they do benefit your entire being because of the pressure release they provide.


This encompasses a variety of tools. Some types act as full-body massagers using one attachment type, but they typically have several heads. Handheld devices can relieve tension from the scalp, face, feet in addition to all major midsection muscle groups. They also provide lower back stress relief and can relax your legs and arms.

Face Sculptor

Some ball rollers loosen facial muscles. This makes your face feel more lifelike. The flushing that massaging your face causes also makes you look more alive to others. Face sculpting heads also could be used on other muscles and oiling the parts you want to rub will smoothen your strokes.

Foot Bath

Unlike other massagers, this one targets only the feet. It usually has heat, and some produce bubbles like hot tubs. It could relieve the sciatic pain that ordinarily would travel up to your lower back from your feet.


It sits over your shoulders and kneads your upper back blades. Some massage vests also target the neck. Different speeds and stroke directions offer comprehensive treatments.


Some electric handheld massage tools have ball attachments that offer versatile soothing for most muscle groups. You can use ball massage heads on just about any area of your body, and they usually vibrate and pulse in different directions. Devices that require no power also are available.


Both the electric or hand-powered massagers might have beveled or wedged rollers on at least one end. Use them on the spine, legs, feet, or wherever you want. Some roller massage machines also provide balls that spin and come built with warm-up and deep tissue kneading capabilities.


This tool typically provides ball, hammer, wedge, spinal, and bullet tools. Other massage guns might just have one of these attachments. The ball head covers larger muscle regions, and the wedge provides the right amount of pressure for shoulder rubs. The spinal attachment looks like a “y” and can reduce spinal muscle tension and improve spinal tissue flexibility.


It fits on a chair, car seat, recliner or couch. They will often bend flat for use on a bed or futon.

Velcro Strap-On

Most strap-on massagers fit around the legs. They also typically have adjustable knead settings. A remote makes it easier for you to also massage your buttocks. Some even wrap around the feet.


Some full-body massagers have different-sized ball-shaped heads on them. Others have smooth, beveled, or spiked rollers on them. The can massager has thinner massage balls and points on it unlike some foot or back massagers.

You can use them yourself, but they usually benefit you more when someone else performs the massaging strokes on you. However, you can roll some of the soft, spiked balls under your feet without much effort.

Massage Methods

full body massager doesn’t replace professional sessions, but it does perform techniques like it. Electronic massage devices feature at least one of these treatment methods.

Gliding Strokes

Some full-body massagers perform gliding strokes from the ankles up to the thighs. They also provide gentle pressure to large muscles that relieve soreness. Any area of the body that suffers inflammation could benefit from gliding strokes.

Deep Tissue

This method typically involves using a bit of friction and direct pressure for removing muscle knots. During deep tissue sessions, tension relief comes when you apply slow strokes against the muscle grain. It’s one function that certain handheld, gun or cushion and manual massage tools provide.


It works like deep tissue massages but with less pressure. It can remove pain, regulate blood flow and improve relaxation. Having a full body massager that provides Swedish strokes could help you fall asleep.


Gentle, gliding strokes that improve circulation can also drain the lymph nodes that cause immune problems. Lymphatic massage strokes carefully stretch the skin. Some electric massagers provide gentle settings that can improve lymph node conditions.


A variety of warm-up massages prepare muscles for vigorous exercise. Conversely, cool-down touches using gentle force can complement stretches to prevent stiffness.

Ease of Use

Most electric full-body massagers make it easy to apply just enough pressure to relieve pain. They also usually reduce inflammation and calm you without much effort. The easiest ones to use have a remote.

With remote control, you can create the most relaxing experience. For the easiest use of all, however, you can also pick a device that does provide programming options. If you can set it to perform routine functions automatically, it could save you time.

Do electric full-body massagers work?

Electric massagers provide many benefits that a professional masseuse can offer. Some professionals recommend battery-powered or electric full-body massagers. They may even use them on patients in their offices.

Do air compression massagers work?

Air compression therapy improves blood flow from the legs to the heart using regulated pressure. As circulation improves, it also reduces varicose veins and leg swelling. They don’t typically massage the entire body at once, however.

These mechanical devices typically strap onto the feet and legs. They function like compression stockings and compression wraps.

Do full-body massagers help with circulation?

Expert chiropractors attest to the fact that massage therapy does have health benefits. It relaxes you, and it also does improve circulation. Massages will work best if you perform them daily, however. They even can improve conditions for people who have not exercised in a while.

full body massager will provide you circulation relief. They offer you many of the same benefits as traditional massage therapy.

Are full-body massagers safe?

It’s best to see a qualified medical professional before using a full-body massager if you have any health concerns. However, they will not harm you in any way as long as used as directed. Experts warn you not to use electric massagers directly on inflamed areas of the body, such as knee joints that have turned red.

It’s also best not to apply them to injured body parts. Also, note that full-body massagers including some cushion or chair types do not knead the spine but do target other muscle groups. For best results when working on the spine, you should instead try a device specifically made for this.

How many times a day should I use a full body massager?

A chair massager used for 20 minutes can reduce muscle aching and will provide relaxation. Other full-body massagers, including some handheld ones, can also provide benefits.

For instance, scalp massages performed for 15-20 minutes at least once or twice a week can lower blood pressure and calm you. Other massagers might require different time lengths at varying intervals to be effective. Make sure you use them as directed to stay safe.

Is it okay to massage a clot in your legs?

A compression massage will prevent blood clots. However, you may need to see a nurse to find out if you should use them on existing clots. A full body massager could assist you with this activity, but make sure you follow packaging instructions. Take professional medical advice before using it as well.

Before You Choose a Full Body Massager

You can order numerous full-body massager devices online. Before you select one for the first time, make sure you talk to your chiropractor, nurse, doctor, or related professional. Discuss all existing health conditions and find out which model they would recommend. Once you know, then proceed with your purchase knowing you’ll be safe.

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