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An infrared massager is a device that uses infrared radiation and vibration to help penetrate deep into the tissue to heal the body and help it heal. An infrared massager helps to increase the blood flow in your body as well as relieve pain, decrease stress, and help tight muscles relax. This process also helps the body flush out toxins. Infrared massagers can be for a specific part of the body, but there are models that can cover the entire body.


What to Look for in an Infrared Massager?

Infrared Massager

There are many different types of infrared massagers. They come in various sizes and with different functions. It is helpful if you know what your needs are when it comes to an infrared massager so that you can buy the best one for you. Some infrared massagers are for a specific body part, while others can give you total body relief.

While your need helps drive the type of massager you purchase, there are some other things to think about when purchasing a massager.

Area of use: consider where you need to use your massager. If you need it for one specific area like or neck, you want to get a different massager than you would for your whole body.

Battery: many massagers come with a cord that must be plugged into an outlet. This can limit how far away from the outlet you must be to use your massager. You may want to consider an infra red massager that uses a battery.

Remote control: there is usually some type of remote control that controls your massager. This is where you can change the settings, including strength and heat. You want the remote control to be easy to understand and use.

Function: infrared massagers come in handheld models that you have to hold onto. There are other models that cover your entire body that you can use while sitting.

Price: infrared massagers cover a wide range of price points. You want to make sure you get one from a reputable brand that is reliable. You also want to make sure you purchase one that is going to fit into your budget.

These are some of the important factors to consider before you purchase an infrared massager.


Types of Infrared Massagers

There are many different types of infrared massagers available. Understanding how they each work can guide your purchasing choice.

Handheld Infrared Massagers

A handheld massager fits in your hand and you hold it while you are massaging various parts of the body. Many of these types of massagers can be used on any part of the body, but there are some that are for a specific part. You do have to hold this massager the entire time you are using it. This may limit the amount of time you can use the massager because your grip may be limited.

Infrared Neck Massagers

This infrared massager usually fits around your neck and stays in place. You do not have to hold it there while using it. It usually offers heat and vibration to help massage your entire neck.

Infrared Foot Massagers

The infrared foot massagers provide heat and massage to you entire foot. Some of these massagers hold water, but not all of them. Some look like tubs where you insert your foot. Others have a cradle for your foot. While all of these massagers offer some type of massage, the number of modes and massaging heads differ.

Infrared Knee Massagers

An infrared knee massager fit directly over the knee. Some models allow you to slide your leg into the massager, or secure it with a strap. This type of massager also offers compression capabilities for your knee.

Infrared Scalp Massagers

These massagers are shaped like a brush. They are unique because they use phototherapy to provide relief from scalp pain. The massager works to encourage circulation and strengthen the hair follicles.

Infrared Fascia Massagers

An infrared fascia massager works to massage your tissues deep in the muscles. This is a unique and small massager. A fascia massager usually has claws that can dig into the fascia into more delicate areas that tend to be smaller.

Infrared Cellulite Massagers

An infrared massager is ideal for reducing cellulite. This massager is easy to use and can be used at home. It usually has feet and vibrating rollers that pass over cellulite and help break it apart.


Massage Methods

The various infrared massagers offer different methods of massaging for your entire body. These methods can provide you a different type of massage to give you a different result.

Simple kneading is one of the least expensive types of the manual, or handheld, method. Other methods of massage offer heat and shiatsu. They may also provide vibration and heat. Some massagers offer multiple methods in one massager.

Some of those massagers can drive attention to one particular part of the body. This provides high compression and deep tissue massage. Many massagers can be programmed to provide the exact type of massage you want. Some massagers, especially those for the feet, include a tub you can fill with water.


Ease of Use

Manual infrared massagers are relatively easy to use under normal circumstances. However, there are some updated versions that may be more difficult to use. When it comes to a massager, the controls should be intuitive.

The features and programs should be outlined in a user guide, but the user should be able to use it even without a guide. For example, some massagers have a sleep timer or an automated shutoff. The massager should be flexible, so it can fit you no matter your size. Even if you think the massager is easy to use, you should refer to the user guide to gain an understanding of how your massager works to make sure that you are using it to its full capacity.


Do Infrared Massagers Work?

It has been proven that the heat and infrared light provided by an infrared massager is helpful to reduce inflammation in the muscles. When the inflammation is reduced, it can help improve the ability for your blood to circulate through the body. This can also help your muscles relax and they may cramp less as a result. An infrared massager may also help your muscles recover after a workout.


Do Compression Infrared Massagers Work?

A compression infrared massager is an effective type of massage. Some infrared massagers include compression with their light, heat, and vibration. This is common for an infrared knee massager. The compression can help reduce inflammation. It can also help to reduce the amount of stress happening to your joints.


Do Infrared Massagers Help with Circulation?

Yes, a massager can help improve your circulation because it stimulates the nervous system. This process also reduces tension and pain in your muscles.


Are Infrared Massagers Safe?

In general, infrared massagers are best for individuals that do not have any health issues. A massager may cause side effects such as bruising and should be used in moderation to prevent maximum amounts of bruising. You should also make sure that if you are using a massager with some type of cuff, or that wraps around your body, you do not want the massager to be too tight.

The recommended amount of use for an infrared massager is 30 minutes at a time. This amount of time should provide enough massaging for most users. If an infrared massager is used too rigorously and for too long, it can cause muscle damage. If you have any problems with sensitive skin and rashes or cardiac issues, you should contact your doctor before you use an infrared massager.


How Many Times a Day Should I Use an Infrared Massager?

You should consider only using an infrared massager no more than three times a day. When you use the massager, you should not use it for any longer than 30 minutes at a time.

While your level of pain may drive the amount of time you use your massager, you should still be careful how often you use it. If you are new to using a massager, you should start slowly. A new user should only use the massager once a week for about 30 minutes until you build up your tolerance for using the massager.


Is it Okay to Massage a Clot in your Legs?

If you have a blood clot in your legs, you should avoid massaging your legs, especially if you are receiving DVT treatment. This could cause the blood clot to break loose and cause major health problems.

In addition, if you have surgery scheduled, you should speak to your surgeon to find out how you can prevent blood clots after the procedure.



We hope this article helps you find the best-infrared massager to meet your needs. Keep in mind when looking for an infrared massager, you want one that is durable, flexible, functional, and in a price range, you can afford. In addition, you want to consider well known brands to ensure reliability and quality.

Finally, keep in mind, if you have any type of health condition or concern, please consult your doctor before using an infrared massager. You want to ensure that it is safe for you to use and that you are using it properly.


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